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About New Horizons Caregivers Group


New Horizons Caregivers Group (NHCG), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, began in 2003 with a vision to help those in need, with a concern for single parent families, children at risk and a desire to promote education as a means to ending poverty.

Creditability - "Partner in Education" and "Congressional Recognition" 2014 Awards

Letter of Recomendation from Hacienda La Puente Unified School District "Click to Open".

Our Mission:

The mission of NHCG is to provide help and support to those who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own; people who come from all walks of life, political affiliation, religious persuasion or ethnic identity. The services provided are accomplished through the NHCG Program which secures free food, goods, school supplies, children incentives and other basic necessities of life. NHCG acts as a point of food rescue, collection and redistribution of products to the community. Services provided through the efforts of NHCG are:

Project FIESTA., BACKPACK Program, Scholarship Program, Holiday Program. 

Our Programs:

The pimary program offered by NCHG is "FIESTA" (Family Incentives Equals Students Taking Action). Project FIESTA provides free groceries and school supplies to needy families with elementary school children enrolled in the free meals program (Title I Schools). Low-Income parents attend educational classes, then they receive free goods and commit to help their children read and excel in school. Parents also make a commitment to help their children achieve perfect attendance and to excel academically. This helps bring about a school, teacher, family relationship together in an uplifting environment. Results have proven that getting parents involved, giving free products, which help with the family budgets has a very positive impact for the families, the children, school attendance, grades and overall attitude about learning and their school community.

Through its outreach programs New Horizons nourishes a better understanding of other services available within the community, and how Parents, Teachers and Caregivers in their own special way can better serve and support each other to strengthen the fiber of the community

What we do:

New Horizons Caregivers Group, (NHCG), provides thousands of dollars of product every month to low-income families and hundreds of new backpacks filled with school supplies every year. These backpacks ensure that at-risk children have all the necessary tools to help them feel good about themselves and that they are ready to succeed in school.

In 2014 NHCG provided over $4,000 in scholarships helping low-income students be able to attend College.

The NHCG Holiday Program offers extra "holiday" groceries and gifts to families, relieving the extra stress and anxiety that comes with holiday demands. Thousands of dollars in holiday groceries are given along with hundreds of toys and gifts cards to families in need.

NHCG Service 2 Service Program brings additional support to low-income and non-profit organizations by acting as a point of collection for food and other necessary essentials. By way of it's 501(c)(3) status, NHCG is able to act as a point of distribution to the community through these partnered organizations which in turn donate food and other products directly to those in need. Each of these Service 2 Service (S2S) Partnering Organizations is dedicated to service in their communities.  A number of organizations find it challenging to provide sufficient food and other goods to support the ever increasing number of people requesting help. Concentration on the valuable services these S2S Organizations provide to those in need, leaves them short handed in the actual pursuit of the free groceries and other essential goods that are so desperately needed. The NHCG S2S Program lends a helping hand to our community based partners.

In Summary:

New Horizons Caregivers Group provides HOPE through free food, goods, school supplies to the low-income. As a goal for the future, NHCG want to bring pillars of the community together to share information and learn how they can work together and help each other. The more we understand what others are doing in the community, the better we can serve humanity.

Contact Information

Phone: 626-961-4327

Chairman: Cathy Jamieson
Executive Director: Donna Lemaster

Free Food Distribution

Please contact us to volunteer.


You may use the link below or our address

New Horizons Caregivers Group
3129 S. Hacienda Blvd., Suite 809
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

Thank you for your support.

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Email: info@nhcg.org